GNOME Break Timer

  • Google Summer of Code 2013
  • desktop
  • gnome
  • gtk+
  • vala

GNOME Break Timer is a break timer app for the GNOME desktop. It reminds users to take regular short breaks, as well as longer breaks, to encourage healthier computer use. I created it for Google Summer of Code 2013, with the help of Jasper St. Pierre and Allan Day. It is written in Vala.

This went well as an educational exercise, although I haven’t had an opportunity to work on it much since the initial release. (In retrospect, it would have been better to build the application as part of an existing component, but, live and learn). Recently I have been working on an update to improve compatibility with newer versions of GNOME, and to publish the application as a Flatpak. So, watch this space: hopefully I will be able to share some new progress soon.

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