Here are some cool things I’ve made (that I can share here). If you are interested in my other work, or if you’d like to talk, feel free to contact me. You can also look me up on LinkedIn, Github, or Ohloh. And, of course, there is always my blog.

Screenshot of creativecommons.org

Creative Commons

At Affinity Bridge, we worked on a major redesign of creativecommons.org. I was able to contribute a small but meaningful piece: an interactive stream of Creative Commons-licensed work which appears at the bottom of some pages. We designed this component to be lightweight, ready to show hundreds of different items.

Screenshot of thesimonsfoundation.ca

The Simons Foundation

Affinity Bridge was hired to migrate thesimonsfoundation.ca to Drupal 8, along with a light redesign. I implemented the new site’s front-end as a custom-built Drupal 8 theme. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Drupal 8, and to take a leading role building the front-end for a large website with many years of content.

Screenshot of stuartmccall.ca

North Light Images website

Stuart McCall needed a new website for North Light Images, his photography business. And, later, for his art portfolio. I designed both sites to be responsive for different kinds of devices, touch-friendly, and delightful to interact with.

Screenshot of Ubuntu's installer slideshow

Ubuntu installer slideshow

Ubiquity Slideshow is a simple presentation that appears while users install the Ubuntu operating system. The project aims to encourage and inspire people so they are more comfortable using the system. I created it with the help of some talented designers in the Ubuntu community.

GNOME Break Timer

GNOME Break Timer is a break timer app for the GNOME desktop. It reminds users to take regular short breaks, as well as longer breaks, to improve their well-being. I created it for Google Summer of Code 2013, with the help of Jasper St. Pierre and Allan Day. It is written in Vala.

Attack of the Crimson Plumber

If I’m going to put a 48 hour game jam entry in my portfolio, it has to be this one. I really enjoyed making this game for Ludum Dare. It’s written with Dart, using HTML Canvas. It was a good opportunity to learn both of those under pressure.

Screenshot of Ubuntu's software updater

Ubuntu Software Updater

Ubuntu’s software updater originally presented updates as a long list of Debian package names, which was a source of confusion for some users. After a conversation at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, I participated in a rewrite of its UI code following a set of wireframes designed by Matthew Paul Thomas.

Where Will Santa Live?

Where Will Santa Live? was the David Suzuki Foundation’s Christmas fundraising campaign in 2011. It was a simple, whimsical website that inspired talk about climate change and invited people to donate to the foundation by purchasing e-cards as symbolic gifts.


Harvest was a web service intended to guide people who wish to contribute to Ubuntu. It aggregated small bug reports and other quick tasks which could use attention. For Google Summer of Code 2010, I worked with Daniel Holbach to design and implement its new web front-end.