The Attack of the Crimson Plumber! – Ludum Dare 25

Continuing on my current trend of writing blog posts about a year late, let me tell you about my last Ludum Dare game!

One of these days, I will make a Ludum Dare game with an actual opponent. My Ludum Dare 25 game was no such achievement, but I ended up happier with it than my last one. The tight deadline led to some very satisfying late changes and workarounds, and only a few disastrous omissions.

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Space Bees Attack! – My Ludum Dare 23 entry

My friend Andrew convinced me to participate in Ludum Dare 23 — a fun and informal 48-hour (or 72-hour) game making competition. He created an insane, brilliant little game called Baby Farm. I went ahead with a poorly thought out idea: “I’ll make a game where you have to build a structure to defend your world where evil things are falling from the sky! With physics!

The “with physics” part is where it went wrong. Words for the wise: physics are evil.

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