Rescuing your data from Formstack’s “excess form submission” email

I seem to be accumulating all sorts of little scripts to solve odd little problems sensible people don’t encounter (and therefore don’t have scripts for). Normally I keep these to myself because they’re really ugly, but I’m going to start sharing the more useful ones on my blog. Maybe some day I’ll save someone a bit of time. That would be fun!

Using a Formstack form? Went over your form submission limit and now your email is flooded with thousands of useless error messages?

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My new website uses WordPress and Smarty

Spurred on by the rather dull situation of my web dev portfolio being a single long page with pictures and writing on it (which simply will not do!), I spent the last week moving my blog (and my portfolio) to my own webspace with WordPress and a custom theme. This entailed re-learning PHP (ugh), learning more about WordPress, and pulling a lot of hair. And the whole thing is still a work in progress, but it’s here, and it’s better than my old blog. Yay!

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Window manager feature wishlist: Gluing windows!

Here are two things I like:

  • Tabs produced by window managers. For example, Fluxbox. This encourages applications to not do it themselves, forming consistency in the overall desktop experience.
  • The non-overlapping nature of Blender’s user interface. Really, it’s cool design and completely makes sense for any workflow.

However, I don’t like that applications keep implementing these two things themselves, in different ways. For example, The GIMP and Inkscape both have systems for docking / undocking windows. They both feel profoundly different. One nice thing about IDEs is docks, but many developers prefer working in a text editor with a terminal for the extra speed and flexibility.

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