Word clouds

I discovered an awesome new toy: Wordle.net! It gave me an interesting urge to generate vaguely inter-related word clouds from the current stories on some major free software related blogs. I think it would spoil these to add commentary; I just found them kind of interesting :)

I guess a really adventurous person could do a meta-Wordle of all these…

Planet GNOME

Original (wordle.net)

Defective By Design

Original (wordle.net)

Boycott Novell

Original (wordle.net)


Original (wordle.net)

Miguel de Icaza

Original (wordle.net)

FSF Blogs

Original (wordle.net)


Images of Wordles are licensed Creative Commons License

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  1. Someone pointed out it's a little weird I singled out Miguel's blog there. I just like your blog, Miguel :)

    (And I was wondering who I should blame for all those nbsps on Monologue)

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