W3C: BoycottNovell is invalid

Out of curiosity for just how nasty BoycottNovell is from a web design standpoint, I ran the W3C validator on one of his article permalinks. (Direct link removed to spare those kind souls unneeded bandwidth consumption).

Here is the aftermath:

Clearly, Roy Schestowitz is a secret Microsoft employee. Through his web site, he spreads the use of Microsoft’s broken version of the web with completely invalid HTML. With this number of errors, it could only possibly be malicious. This is all part of an evil scheme to destroy peace and freedom.

Here is another damning piece of evidence straight from the page source:

<!–[if IE]><style type=”text/css”>.ratemulti .starsbar .gdcurrent { -ms-filter:”progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=70)”; filter: alpha(opacity=70); }</style><![endif]–>

Yep, that’s right. Not only does Roy’s web site not validate, it contains exclusive design elements that only Internet Explorer users can see, which are probably patented to boot! Only those users of non-free Microsoft software are permitted the full design experience. This, while modern, non-Legacy browsers that most people prefer are more than capable of alpha transparency on elements, even with rgba colouring.

We must put an end to this by researching Internet Explorer shills like Roy. We should also boycott all web browsers that can render his rag. By promoting such error-ridden design, they are helping Microsoft, a convicted monopolist..

Yes, I’m looking at you, Mozilla. You have just moved WAY DOWN on my credibility index.

2 Replies to “W3C: BoycottNovell is invalid”

  1. For those who do not yet realize, this has been written with tongue firmly in cheek.

    And yes, I realize that Blogger spits out horrible HTML in all directions. The irony is, uhm… multi-layered.

  2. I demand you take this defamation down immediately or I will be forced to sue you for libel!

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