OMG stickers!

Well, I never thought I would be doing a post like this. Then again, I never thought I would be bothering with a web log to begin with. (Come to think of it; why the heck am I?). Oh well, here goes!

I received a bunch of Powered by Ubuntu stickers in the mail today, courtesy of System76 and the Ubuntu Canada team. About ten seconds after opening the envelope and looking at the stickers, I accidentally dropped the things. They were disappeared for a full six hours (and I counted!) before I finally found the strip of stickers somehow stuck to the wall directly above where I was first looking. Given the significant personal loss, I must now use these stickers very wisely in order to make up for it. That’s one sticker per hour of intense anxiety.

So far, the one on my laptop is quite satisfying! I wasn’t completely sure given how thin the sticker is (and that it’s plastic as opposed to metal), but in the end it seems to be sticking quite well. A nice contrast between the sleek / slender Ubuntu sticker and the old Vista sticker!